The Responsible Beer Choice Coalition is an organization of small business owners, Utah grocery stores, convenience stores, beer distributors and brewers. The Coalition seeks to promote and preserve a low alcohol selling environment for Utah consumers while allowing for customers to have a choice on the types of beer that is available at their local stores. We support Utah’s family values and recognize the importance of restricting alcohol use by minors. We also support efforts to prevent overconsumption and driving under the influence. The Coalition is also supportive of preserving Utah retailers’ ability to have adequate product available for their customers. To maintain the retail experience Utahns enjoy now, Utah alcohol laws need to be adjusted to ensure Utahns continue to have a choice on their purchases.

Our goal

 We want to maintain the purchasing experience beer customers enjoy in the state of Utah. With state alcohol law changes in Oklahoma, Colorado, and Kansas-- Utah consumers will soon have fewer options available to them at their local grocery or convenience stores. Beer manufacturers have said these state law changes and the dramatic reduction in demand for a 3.2% ABW (4.0% ABV) beer may reduce options for Utah customers by 40% in the future. That reduction may lead to consumers making purchases outside of the low alcohol environment of a grocery or convenience store and making purchases in higher alcohol environment places such as the state liquor store. To maintain customer choice and low alcohol purchasing experiences, the Coalition proposes increasing Utah’s alcohol volume limit to 4.8% ABW (6.0% ABV). At this proposed level, Utah alcohol content would still be the lowest in the nation at the grocery and convenience store level matching the State of Kansas.  This change will allow Utah consumers to continue to have a traditional alcohol purchasing experience in grocery and convenience stores. It will also keep the bulk of Utah beer in the low alcohol environment of locally operated retail stores and out of the high alcohol setting of the government-run liquor stores.

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